Veteran-owned Protocol 46 closes successful $1.1 million growth round with Twin Cities Angels for cybersecurity growth in the SMB market.

Cybersecurity & Compliance Made Easy and Obtainable

The Only Complete Cybersecurity Solution You Need

We are American Military Veterans trained in cybersecurity operations and intelligence.  Our mission is to defend our country by helping business owners like you secure your networks and protect your data.

Unlike other current cyber solutions, Protocol 46 delivers cutting edge technology and highly trained cybersecurity experts as a packaged service.  Our cybersecurity-as-a-service offering is designed to easily integrate into your business, reducing cost while providing an unrivaled cybersecurity ecosystem.


We offer four core services to our clients:

Assess vulnerabilities

Hackers and hostile actors have up-to-date information about your network at their fingertips.  Do you? We scan and test your network to identify vulnerabilities and help remediate those weaknesses before they become a hacker’s breach point.

Protect your data…constantly

Keeping your network secure requires constant vigilance. We monitor your network 24/7/365 to provide near real-time reporting of a breach or new vulnerability. Unlike other cybersecurity systems, we utilize a cross-queued sentry approach to not only detect intruders but also protect against a hostile attempt to disable a sensor.

Compliance-ready reports

Compliance isn’t easy since cybersecurity regulations are constantly changing.  We can help you produce the reporting required to survive the inevitable audit. Each month, we provide a report on the health of your network which includes information on how you are responding to vulnerabilities and protecting your data.  This information can be used to validate compliance with NIST 800-171, HIPAA, PCI, and other cybersecurity regulations.

Train Your People

Even the best home security system is ineffective if you leave the door open.  The same is true with cybersecurity. Well-intentioned employees can provide hackers access to your network simply by clicking a link. We offer modular, self-paced training with tests to help employees learn to recognize hacker tactics that can leave networks vulnerable.


Do You Need Cyber Security?

All businesses are at risk, however, the risk is not equal.  The following industries have a higher than average rate of being breached: Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Energy, and DoD Subcontractors. If your business network (this includes the “cloud”) contains intellectual property, proprietary, consumer, client, vendor, or employee information, you are a target for hackers.

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"We lost $30,000 a day while working to get our network back…we paid the ransom…and now we may face a $750,000 HIPAA fine.  I wish I had Protocol 46 protecting us before we were breached.  I have no doubt they would have prevented it.”

- Steve, Rural MN Healthcare Provider

"Protocol 46 found critical security issues that other cybersecurity vendors had missed for years!  Their unique military experience provides us with protection and insight others lack.”

- Ann, Twin Cities, MN Business Owner

"Protocol 46 partnered with our IT services company has increased our company's security and decreased our costs.  Our IT Services company keeps things running and Protocol 46 keeps things secure.  I love knowing we are secure and what the cost is going to be.”

- Mike, Eagan, MN Professional Services Company

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