Assessment Options That Keep You in the Know

Our external and internal cybersecurity assessments bring to light the vulnerabilities and issues that can give hostile cyber actors the foothold necessary to breach your network and steal your data.

Spy Glass Assessment

Know what anyone in the world sees about your business

Knowing what security issues are visible to the rest of the world is a critical step to improving your cybersecurity.  Our Spy Glass Assessment combines security scans pointed at your externally accessible network and data along with a military intelligence inspired deep linked data discovered process.  From this we find what the bad guys are going to use to hack you like:

  • Vulnerable or misconfigured externally available devices and data
  • Compromised accounts and information available on the dark web
  • Evidence of past and ongoing breaches

Looking Glass Assessment

Find, Prioritize, and Fix Internal Security Issues

Being able to know what vulnerabilities and security issues inside your network not only helps get them fixed but also is required by many regulations.  Our Looking Glass Assessment not only meets or exceeds the requirements for a regular vulnerability assessment or penetration test it also provides you with prioritized guidance on what needs to be fixed based on criticality. Our Looking Glass Assessments have found security issues that other providers have missed… sometimes for years!  We owe it to our military background and going toe to toe with nation states.  Let us bring that experience to you and elevate your cybersecurity to a higher level.

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