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Reports Show Industry At Risk For Cyber Attacks Several reports published over the past year provided evidence the telecom industry is actively being attacked by sophisticated nation state hostile cyber actors.  The telecom industry is a prime target for hostile actors.  Telecom providers, as a fact of doing business, have sensitive data about their customers […]

Update Your Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and macOS. These updates address a reported bypass to the fix for CVE-2019-7089 first introduced in 2019.010.20091, 2017.011.30120 and 2015.006.30475 and released on February 12, 2019. Successful exploitation could lead to sensitive information disclosure in the context of […]

Your Free or Cheap VPN Service May Be Spying On You For years cybersecurity professionals have been directing people to start using a VPN for added security when using public WiFi.  This guidance may have been dangerously sending multitudes of users into the digital arms of hostile cyber actors.  Cybersecurity researcher Simon Migliano published a […]

VPNFilter is malware that is targeting select Linksys, MikroTik, TP-Link, and Netgear home or small office routers.  There is also evidence that the QNAP network attached storage (NAS) device is vulnerable. The FBI released guidance to reboot or power cycle (unplug then plug back in) your router as a way to mitigate the malware.  This […]

Protocol 46 is proud to announce that Founder and CTO Eric Ebner has agreed to participate on the advisory board for MN Cyber! MN Cyber is a partnership between Metropolitan State University, the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence, and other public/private partnerships.  The mission of MN Cyber is to position Minnesota as a national leader […]

The Perfect Coin for Cryptomining Cryptomining is a key part of the cryptocurrency craze.  As the idea develops, so too has new ways to exploit it.  The ease of introducing new coins has provided a way for criminals to introduce new coins that better meet more nefarious needs.  Enter Monero.  Bitcoin proved to be to […]

Coinhive is Back This isn’t the first time Coinhive has made our news, and it probably won’t be the last.  We’ve previously written about Coinhive being hacked and the hackers stealing the mined Monero cryptocurrency to their own accounts. See the previous article here: Cryptocurrency Monero Mined With Your CPU What’s Happening Now? The rise […]

Rise of AI As the technology rapidly develops, personal assistants (PA) or AI as some call it are creeping into our everyday life.  Devices of all kinds are adopting PA into their programming including phones, cars, TVs, computers, and standalone devices.  Because of this most people now have Alexa, Google, Siri or Cortana on some […]

Dark Caracal A mistaken server data leak has by accident revealed a large scale government sponsored hacking attack.  Dubbed Dark Caracal it’s unique in that it is likely government sponsored hacking that is targeting mobile devices.  After some files were leaked to the internet, researchers were able to trace group back to the Lebanon.  The […]

A New Way to Steal Cryptocurrency Coinhive, a service that uses traffic visiting a website to mine the cryptocurrency Monero was recently hacked.  Hackers were able to upload a corrupted code. The code made client websites mine for the hacker instead of the host website.  The disruption lasted for 6 hours.  Activity during this time […]

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