Dangers of Corporate AI

AI in the WorkplaceRise of AI

As the technology rapidly develops, personal assistants (PA) or AI as some call it are creeping into our everyday life.  Devices of all kinds are adopting PA into their programming including phones, cars, TVs, computers, and standalone devices.  Because of this most people now have Alexa, Google, Siri or Cortana on some device that they own.

Entering the Business World

So it should come as no surprise that with the rise of PA in all aspects of our personal life, it is starting to expand in to the business world as well.  Amazon has set out plans to release Alexa for business in the near future and Amazon’s competitors are sure to be close behind with their own take on a business PA. In summary, PA can be amazingly useful tools and are sure to help the business world in efficiency, the concern comes from the security implications that PA may cause.

Always Listening

One concern is comes from the fundamental workings of these AI.  Most PA respond to some set phrase to initiate a task, however; to accomplish this it means the PA is always listening.  The corporate implications here can be dangerous.  If a hacker is able to take control they could use one as a listening device into the area the PA is located.  The raises strong concerns for corporate espionage, or stealing of personal data.  Another concern is encryption of the data be sent to and from the PA, or really, the lack of encryption.  Many devices don’t have end-to-end encryption set as the default or just don’t use it all.

The weak security on these devices means they could become an easy entry point into the rest of a network.  Finally, one way has been discovered that can compromise a device by using the PA while the device is still in your pocket.  This attack uses ultrasonic frequencies that are outside of human’s ability to hear.   This makes it so a PA can be activated and used to perform a task unknown to the user.  This could include sending a text, visiting a compromised website, or placing a phone call stealthily so a hacker could listen in on conversations.

Protect Yourself

Wi-Fi connected devices will always be possible entry points into a network.  To protect yourself, try to keep any AI out of areas where they could overhear sensitive data.  Minimize the risk to your business by persistent monitoring and a coordinated response plan. All of this and more Protocol 46 can help your business with.  Check back for news on AI in the workplace. Finally, find latest updates for cyber security news from Protocol 46 analysts.

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