The Data Leak That Exposed Nearly Everyone

The Data

A cyber security firm has found a database that was weakly protected.  The data belongs to an analytics firm based out of California called Alteryx.  The affected data comes from some of Alteryx partners. Those partners exposed by the leak were Experian, the credit agency, and the US Census Bureau.  Other partners of Alteryx that, so far appear to not have been included in the breach are Microsoft and Amazon.

Scope of the Leak

One file was data that is meant to be sold to businesses for marketing.  The next major piece of data was from 2010 US Census.  The data which comes from Experian called “ConsumerView” is said to hold data on 300 million people and 126 million homes.  Taken together with the US Census data, this is could be personally identifying info on nearly all people in the US.

Understanding the Data LeakFallout

Alteryx has claimed that the data does not pose a risk.  The firm that found the leak, however; thinks that taken together the data could be used to identify US citizens.  The cloud data has since been taken off of a direct link to the internet to prevent further breaches.  This leak once again shows the importance of strong cyber security.  Finally, Don’t be a victim yourself.  Protocol 46 military grade cyber security can help keep you safe and prevent the next article from being about your business.  Contact Protocol 46 today to get your business protected.

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