Cybersecurity Devices From Protocol 46

Nimble Feather

Asset and vulnerability discovery

Nimble Feather from Protocol 46 provides comprehensive asset and vulnerability discovery inside your network.  Using a customized set of industry standard tools Protocol 46 conducts non-exploitative scans across your networks looking for unauthorized devices and weaknesses that could be the foothold a hostile actor needs to breach your data.

Our Nimble Feather device is capable of allowing us to conduct periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration tests of your network ensuring you are compliant with cybersecurity standards and regulations.

Virtual Nimble Feather

Asset and vulnerability discovery for virtual environments

Many businesses have moved some or all of their servers and applications into the cloud.  Our Virtual Nimble Feather allows us to provide asset and vulnerability discovery in private and public clouds, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS environments.

Just like our physical Nimble Feather, we are able to use our Virtual Nimble Feather for vulnerability assessment or penetration testing to help make compliance easy.

Stonewall Aegis Firewall

Military grade network boundary protection

The Protocol 46 Stonewall Aegis is an all that you would expect from a modern, next-generation firewall in a managed solution.  Our Stonewall Aegis provides all the protections of competitive solutions at a fraction of the price.  As a managed firewall solution know that your business is protected 24/7.

Need VPN support for secure remote communication with other offices or remote employees?  How about multi-WAN or high availability?  We can do that and more with our Stonewall Aegis Firewall.  Plus, as part of our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, our firewalls are constantly being updated with threat blocking information for protection that cannot be beaten.

Virtual Stonewall Aegis Firewall

Military grade network boundary protection for virtual environments

Today’s virtual environments need protection too.  Virtual Stonewall Aegis Firewalls from Protocol 46 extend our best in class physical firewall protection and secure communications capabilities into the cloud.

Compatible with most cloud infrastructure our Virtual Stonewall Aegis Firewalls perform as well or better than our competition at a fraction of the price.  Managed just like or physical firewalls to ensure round the clock protection from even the most capable threats.

Stonewall Aegis Log Scout

Log information aggregation for third-party systems

The Protocol 46 Log Scout allows cybersecurity-related information from other third-party devices to be securely shared with the Protocol 46 Security Operations Center (SOC).  This helps reduce your costs and increases the capability of our cybersecurity platform.

Additionally, Log Scout assists in collecting cybersecurity information from your systems to help us make compliance reporting easy.

Stonewall Aegis IDPS

Network intrusion detection and prevention sensor

Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention Sensors (IDPS) provide visibility of malicious activity inside your business networks and can block many hostile attacks.  These managed sensors operate at a fraction of the cost of our competition delivering increased cybersecurity protection at an incredible value.

Picket Fence Wireless Protection

Wireless network protection

Businesses today require wireless networks for many critical operations.  Protecting these wireless networks is the job of the Protocol 46 Picket Fence system.  Picket Fence provides an umbrella of protection to your business WiFi by detecting unauthorized devices, hostile attacks, and even blocking unauthorized devices and attackers from accessing your WiFi networks.

Razor Wire Deception System

Deception system to trick hackers away from your data

Network deception with Protocol 46 Razor Wire creates traps and false data for hostile actors to interact with on your network.  By providing tasty alternatives we are able to deceive a hacker into attacking our Razor Wire sensors drawing them away from your critical systems and data.

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