Cryptocurrency Monero Mined with your CPU

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A New Way to Steal Cryptocurrency

Coinhive, a service that uses traffic visiting a website to mine the cryptocurrency Monero was recently hacked.  Hackers were able to upload a corrupted code. The code made client websites mine for the hacker instead of the host website.  The disruption lasted for 6 hours.  Activity during this time was routed to an unknown account.  It’s not clear how much Monero the hacker was able to steal.

Why Monero?

Cryptocurrency  of any kind has become a hot item.  The rise of bitcoin in both popularity, and perhaps more importantly the price of it; has brought other currency along with it.  It doesn’t come as a surprise that other, perhaps sometimes less secure and easier to mine currency is being targeted by hackers.  Bitcoin remains the biggest player and any hack of it will gather much more attention, so; less known currency makes a great target for financial gain and less notoriety.

This is a more public example, but possible many websites are out there hackers have secretly added a similar code. Hackers would be able use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.  Finally, to stay safe check and update your  antivirus as some are starting to block Coinhive like script to prevent this from happening.

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