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We Are Cybersecurity.

Our experience as Military Veterans means we approach cybersecurity different.  Our NIST based solutions bring hardware, software, and cybersecurity experts together as a comprehensive solution all monitored by our Security Operations Center Team.


All of our CaaS Packages Come With Reporting Features to Help Make Cybersecurity Easy

Along with live cybersecurity experts in our sucure, US based SOC that are ready to help you, you get near real-time vulnerability alerts, and compliance ready technology and network health reports to help you better protect your data.

Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) Complete Protection

No matter your size we have you covered with our Cybersecurity as a Service (CaaS) packages.  These service offerings have the technology and live support you need for complete protection.  Looking for a fixed cost in your cybersecurity budget?  Protocol 46 can provide you enterprise-grade cybersecurity with a 24/7 monitored SOC for less than a dollar an employee a day.

Basic Protection

Providing basic protection along with on-call assistance from our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team to keep your business cyber-secure.  Our Basic Protection CaaS package includes:

  • Continuous assessment of your networks for vulnerabilities
  • Our SOC as a service providing you with an experienced cybersecurity professional at your disposal
  • Our advanced endpoint protection to keep your devices and servers safe from malware
  • Spam and malware filtering to keep the junk out of your inbox
  • Cybersecurity training and education with phishing testing

Advanced Protection

Advanced cybersecurity protection for the modern office.  Our Advanced Protection package includes all that is in our Basic Protection package with several enhancements and add-ons that help makes cybersecurity and compliance easy:

  • Total Endpoint Protection including disk encryption and patch management
  • Our Log Scout device that helps collect additional cybersecurity and compliance information
  • Our network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) to find and stop bad things from happening on your network

Professional Protection

Professional grade protection for the most at-risk businesses.  Our Professional Package includes all that is in our Basic and Advanced Protection packages with additional security provided through:

  • Advanced boundary protection with our military grade firewall solutions
  • Network deception devices and software to trick hostile actors in attacking our security sensors instead of your data
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