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The Protocol 46 NIST Based Cybersecurity Strategy

Multi-layered Approach

We understand in today’s threat landscape it isn’t enough to just put up roadblocks at the entry to your network. To fully secure a network, a defense strategy must address six key areas; Assess, Secure, Defend, Respond, Recover and Educate. Failure to account for any of these areas will leave your network and your data vulnerable to a hostile intrusion.


A business network is constantly changing; devices join and leave the network, new patches are deployed and new software is implemented that opens new ports and services.  All these changes potentially introduce new vulnerabilities to your network. Our proprietary system scans your network 24/7/365 looking for potential avenues of attack the hostile hacker can use to gain a foothold on your network. These vulnerabilities are then cross-referenced against current and emerging hacker tactics to keep you informed of the vulnerabilities that place you at the highest risk.


We partner with your internal IT department or your IT provider to secure your network and close the potential avenues of attack found by our continuous scans.  We help your IT team prioritize the vulnerabilities on your network so your team can focus on mitigating those with the highest risk. We manage your ongoing security posture based on the most current threat intelligence so your IT team can focus on keeping your network up and running and maintaining your mission-critical systems.


Our system actively defends against potential insider threats and external breaches by blocking activity that falls outside of the normal activity for your network. We utilize artificial intelligence to learn what is normal for your network and our sensors continually communicate with each other. We notify your IT team in near real-time of all new vulnerabilities and potential breaches. Suspicious activity remains blocked until your IT team can verify the activity as legitimate business network traffic.


In the event that a breach does occur, our Cyber Security Team (CST) will actively engage with your IT team to minimize data loss, quarantine all malicious code, and remove the intruder from your network.  Our CST will stay engaged, actively monitoring your network and responding to any follow on attacks, until we can show that your network is clear of intruders and data loss has been stopped.


Post-breach, our team continues working with your IT team to conduct a cyber forensics investigation to determine how the unauthorized user accessed the network, the extent of the data loss and if possible, who was responsible for it. During this investigation, we follow evidentiary procedure and maintain a documented chain of custody of all evidence. Our CST also ensures your network’s defensive perimeter is intact and adjusts your security posture based on the findings of the investigation and assists with data recovery as needed.


Human error is one of the leading causes of intruders on your network.  Spear-phishing campaigns and other targeted activities attempt to take advantage of your employees who want to do the right thing but click what they shouldn’t… We work with your company leadership to establish an ongoing education program that helps your employees recognize attempts by hackers to use email and other delivery tools to access your network.  This education program includes both instruction and continued testing to ensure your employees stay ever vigilant.

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