UPDATE: Coinhive, Money or Menace?

CoinhiveCoinhive is Back

This isn’t the first time Coinhive has made our news, and it probably won’t be the last.  We’ve previously written about Coinhive being hacked and the hackers stealing the mined Monero cryptocurrency to their own accounts.

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What’s Happening Now?

The rise in cryptocurrency price has made Coinhive’s mining software a great opportunity.  It has also made it infamous.  The software last month reached number one on the most prevalent malware.  For some places it’s on purpose, one online magazine has decided to give visitors to the site an interesting option.  Visitors can choose to either have ads on screen, or; they can allow Coinhive software to mine Monero for the magazine.  The mining provides an alternate source of revenue for the magazine to allow it to disable ads for users.  Intentionally running a program for revenue that is also classified as malware by some may prove to be a slippery slope.

The biggest issue, however; comes from those sites that are mining Monero and the site owner is not even aware.  Up to twenty three percent of organizations worldwide may be have their site impacted by some form of Coinhive software.  Many site administrators and many users may not even know they are affected by it.

The problem will likely become even more common as criminals find that it is an easy way to turn a profit.  Organizations will be need to be sure they have the right team and tools in place to combat such attacks and hijacking of their system.  Site visitors having slowed processing power or high CPU usage is a sign that your page may be hijacked.  Persistent monitoring from Protocol 46 can help prevent this happening to you.  If you have questions or concerns about this rising threat happening to you, contact Protocol 46 today.

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